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Address: Hotel Holiday Inn, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi; Phone: 011-4110 5555

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The 5th International Conference & Exhibition on Pipeline Integrity Management (5th ICEPIM) is recognized as the Biggest Technical conference in India, focusing on the critical aspects of Pipeline Integrity. The conference is aimed at sharing knowledge on the latest developments in pipeline integrity management, use and maintenance of Aging Pipelines, new technologies and materials. Pipeline Integrity Management Program (PIM) not only can extend the life of the existing pipelines, also helps to prevent any future damage if follows during design and construction of the new pipelines, maintain adequate safeguards for assets, human life and the environment.

The integrity of pipelines is a basic concern for pipeline operators, and therefore, the ability to detect anomalies due to corrosion, erosion, milling and mechanical damage shall be of significant interest to the operators. Pipeline Integrity Management Programs are nowadays must requirements for the various pipeline industries like Oil & Gas Pipelines, Onshore/ Offshore Pipelines, CGD, LNG network, Water Pipeline, Slurry Pipeline etc. The conference provides an effective platform for Pipeline, Material, Corrosion, Inspection & NDT, O&M professionals across the world from various industries, policy makers, research institutions and academia for exchanging their ideas, acquiring knowledge / information regarding existing and upcoming products and technologies.  Be a part of 5th ICPEIM to get the rare opportunity to learn from the distinguished speakers & avail the unparalleled opportunity to highlight your products and services to the pipeline Industry. Your involvement at this premier event is essential to accomplish our mission “Maintaining Safety & Reliability of the Pipelines”.

We cordially invite you to join us in 5th ICEPIM

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25th Feb 2019

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Important Deadlines

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• Professionals from Pipeline Industry

• Professionals from Oil & Gas

• Corrosion professionals and pipeline engineers

• Inspection & NDT professionals, Failure Analyst

• Material & Design Engineers, Manufacturing Engineers

• Welding Professionals

• Operation & maintenance personnel

• Cathodic Protection field personnel, technicians and inspectors

• Professional from Coating & Inhibitor Industry

• Corrosion Monitoring System

• Design & Engineering Consulting Organizations

• Vendors and Suppliers

• Construction & Infrastructure Companies

• Engineering and Professional institutes

• R&D organizations

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Topic 1:

Pipeline Integrity Management for Deepwater & subsea pipelines

Topic 2:

New Inspection Techniques for Non-Piggable Pipeline

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Panel Discussion

Theme Topics of 5th ICEPIM

Pipeline Integrity, Safety and Reliability Management
-    Risk Analysis, Latest techniques in Pipelines Risk Management
-    Advanced methodologies for risk assessment
-    Environmental Risks/ Geo-hazards / Natural Disasters/ Geo-technical Assessments
-    Strategic Analysis and Planning of Pipeline Assets
-    Health Safety and Environment (HSE)
-    Trends in pilferage prevention & detection (theft/monitoring/ detection & monitoring)
-    Third party Damages, Leak Detection Systems
-    Oil Spillage and Environmental Issues
-    Digital quality assurance to the pipeline supply chain
-    Pipeline safety enhancement though the use of technology
-    New Practices and Techniques for Pipeline Safety
-    Pipeline Integrity Softwares

Planning, Design and Construction of pipeline
-    Onshore and Offshore Construction
-    Production pipelines, Flow lines & Cross country Pipelines
-    Design Constraint & Project Management
-    Current Technological Aids in Route Planning & Selection, Route Survey
-    System Planning, Hydraulics & Surge Analysis, Stress Analysis
-    Pipeline Integrity Geo-hazards
-    ROW Management
-    Emergency Response
-    Compressors, Pump Stations, Valves & Pipeline Supports
-    Pipeline Integrity Measures at Design & Construction stage
-    Product Pipelines, Water Pipelines, Slurry Pipelines
-    Deep water production facilities & under water Pipelines
-    Application of Codes & Standards
-    Translation of Survey Data to usable GIS Information
-    Pipeline Data Management, Project Planning / Records Management
-    Data as a critical business asset
-    GIS-centric systems for management of pipeline assets
-    Pipeline Supply Chain Management, Pipeline Project Management
-    Pre-commissioning/ commissioning Activities, Hydro Test

Pipeline Materials, various issues in Pipeline Welding, Fabrication & Repair
-    Best Practices for Pipeline Material Selection, Coated Pipeline, CRA’s
-    Line Pipe Material design and Exploring New Materials, Material Testing
-    Quality Assurance & Control in Steel Making & pipe manufacture
-    High Strength Steels, Fabrication Issues with High Strength
-    Development and application of nonmetallic materials in pipeline
-    Line Pipe Manufacturing and Advancements, Fittings, Supports, Hot Bends, Quality Testing’s
-    Pipeline Welding, Automatic and semi automatic welding, Electrodes, Heat Treatment
-    Managing Cracks and Weld Anomalies in Pipelines, Weld Flaw Acceptance Criteria
-    Hot Tapping
-    Seam Weld Failures
-    Pipe Supports, Maintenace & Inspection
-    Stress, Vibration and Fatigue considerations
-    Location and Data old pipelines in inhabited areas
-    Defect assessment in pipelines, Pipeline repair methodologies
-    In-service repair and welding, Composite Sleeves

Corrosion Control & Management
-    Types & Overview of Corrosion Risk for Pipelines
-    Effective Corrosion Management
-    Internal & External corrosion of pipelines, Pipeline Structural Corrosion & related failures
-    High performance Pipeline Coatings, Linings and Wrappings, Joint Coatings
-    Cathodic /Anodic Protection
-    Chemical Injections /Inhibitors
-    Corrosion Monitoring & Inspection
-    Environment Assisted Cracking
-    Microbiological Corrosion, Stress-Corrosion Cracking in Pipelines

Latest Inspection Techniques in Pipelines Risk Management
-    Pipeline inspection- new possibilities / technologies
-    Pipeline Pigging and In-Line Inspection
-    NDT, Current trends & advanced techniques
-    Cathodic Protection Survey & Coating Survey
-    Pipeline Health Assessment - a Risk Based Approach
-    Inspection of Un-Piggable Pipelines, Direct Assessment ECDA/ ICDA
-    Field and Inspection Data Management, Geographical Information Systems
-    Development of Robotics Technology, Theft & Burglary prevention
-    New advanced Inspection Techniques, Online Monitoring

Operation, Maintenance Repair & Rehabilitation of Aging Pipelines
-    Assessment of Health, Remaining Life Assessment (RLA)
-    Leak Detection, Management & Maintenance Techniques
-    Life Cycle Extension Strategies
-    Pipeline Repair Methods, Clamping & Wrapping
-    Hot Tapping, & In-Service Welding
-    Pipeline automation & Measurement
-    SCADA Systems, Monitoring / Surveillance
-    Fatigue analysis, Damage and Repair, Fracture Analysis

Challenges and Development in Offshore & Deep Water Pipeline
-    Opportunities & challenges: Offshore/Deep water Pipeline
-    Cross Country Pipelines
-    Technological Developments & Solutions
-    Inspection & Corrosion Control Measures
-    Difficulties & Advanced Techniques for Monitoring

Integrated Operations & Maintenance Solutions for CGD/ PNG Distribution Networks
-    CNG & PNG pipeline networks, Operation & Maintenance
-    O&M of Oil & Gas Gathering Stations, Gas Compressor Stations, Offsite & Plant Equipments & Utilities
-    Preventive & Predictive maintenance of Equipment & Instruments, CNG Compressors
-    GIS based asset Management system, Control Room Management
-    Emergency Response, Relief & Control Valves, Pressure Regulators, Isolation Schemes
-    Testing & Commissioning, Inspection & Certification of CGD Networks
-    Field inspections during network construction
-    Integrity management, Case histories & failure analysis
-    Maintenance Techniques, leak repair etc.

Integrated Operations & Maintenance Solutions for LNG
-    LNG technology advances and challenges, Safety aspects of LNG design and operation
-    Gas Liquefaction, Shipping & Transportation, Regasification & Distribution, Pipeline
-    Design and integration aspects of gas pre-treatment requirements, liquefaction plants & marine facilities
-    LNG import facility infrastructure options - onshore, FSRU, development of small LNG carriers and barges
-    LNG bunkering: Technical & Operational issues
-    LNG shipbuilding technology, Cryogenic technology for LNG terminals
-    Real-time Service Excellence (RTSE)
-    Safety & Risk management, Safety regulations and practices
-    Odorization of PNG & CNG, Leakage Detection
-    Key technologies for asset management (GIS, SCADA, ERP, etc.)
-    Geographic Information System (GIS)
-    Material of construction of Gas & LNG Equipments, Piping & Pipeline
-    Cryogenic Application, Double wall Tank system, Exchangers, Compressors
-    Welding & Fabrications Aspects

5th International Conference & Exhibition on "Pipeline Integrity Management"

7-8 March 2019, Hotel Holiday Inn, mayur vihar, new delhi